Trolls Harass Emma Watson After Alan Rickman Tribute

Our girl can handle it.

By Eric Shorey

Emma Watson's outspoken feminism has certainly made her a target for Internet hate. But can a girl get some peace to mourn a lost friend?

Apparently not: After issuing an earnest tribute to her dearly departed friend and Harry Potter costar Alan Rickman, Watson was quickly attacked by the troglodytes of the Internet for exploiting Rickman's death to promote a feminist agenda.

Here's the post that sparked the attacks:

And here's just a few (oh god, there are so many) of the heinous responses:

Watson continued to post inspiring quotes and memories from Rickman, despite the digital umbrage she invoked:

Let's be real here: Watson's earnest moments of grief don't deserve any anti-feminist backlash. Apparently crybaby Men's Rights Actvists simply can't hear the word "feminism" without going into paroxysms of mouth-foaming rage. Trolls gotta troll, I guess.

Emma's work as a UN Ambassador on Women's Issues has probably prepared her for plenty of hate, so we can't imagine our girl will be discouraged by a few losers on Twitter. Keep kickin' ass, Emma.

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