Trump Supporters Are Sharing This Gay-Bashing, Confederate Bumper Sticker


The Trump campaign has been accused of inciting violence during this presidential election. Some supporters have taken this spirt and put it into a symbol, with an anti-LGBT and pro-Confederate bumper sticker that outright endorses violence. 

According to New Now Next, the sticker showcases a figure shaded in the colors of the Confederate flag literally kicking a figure shaded in the LGBT flag colors. The violent bumper sticker-seen below-was spotted on a truck in Tennessee. 

The sticker has gone viral and garnered major backlash from LGBT activists. "Trump is inciting violence,” tweeted Democratic Party field director Adam Parkhomenko. “It can be seen and heard every single day. From the candidate down.”

A counter sticker has surfaced online that shows the same LGBT figure kicking back. Now, we don't endorse violence on any level but it's pretty awesome that people aren't taking the hate sitting down.

[Photo: Twitter]

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