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Trump's Followers Lost It After A Study Proved He'd Lose If Only Women Voted

No, seriously, they lost their damn minds with #RepealThe19th.

Apparently, being a man or woman may play a significant role in which side of history you're on.

Earlier this week, FiveThirtyEight's Editor-In-Chief Nate Silver published polls with some astounding results. The first: what America's voting outcome would look like if only women voted, and second: what it would look like if only men voted. The result?

According to FiveThirtyEight's results, if only men voted, Donald Trump - an admitted sexual predator - would win with nearly a double lead over Clinton. If only women voted, Hillary Clinton would also win by a landslide.

More important than whether or not Clinton or Trump would win is the fact that men and women are sp divided on the issues that it would change the landscape of our country entirely.

Fittingly, as patriarchy works, some men (and women - yikes!) began tweeting with the hashtag #repealthe19th, referring to the amendment that allows women the right to vote.

Tweets from both sides were rather entertaining... Enjoy:

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