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Tupac Wrote One Helluva Sexy Letter To An Old Flame

He asked all the right questions.

And you thought Tupac Shakur was good with words when it came to rapping? An old letter from Tupac to an unnamed flame is the perfect steamy stream of consciousness, and it's also now up for auction. TMZ reports that the note is expected to go for 25 thousand at Goldin Auctions on Monday, for some rich pervert to frame and enjoy.

The letter begins, “I hope you don’t think (eye drawing) forgot that passionate letter you sent me….Here’s my reply.”

Tupac then asks if his lover has ever been “tied up & blindfolded, stripped naked & washed from head to toe in a bubble bath?” That sounds logistically difficult but very romantic. He also asks this mystery persons if they’ve been taken through the “12 positions of lovemaking.” Dang, only 12, Tupac?

Almost the entire letter is full of questions much like that, but my favorite is, “Do u know what a [redacted] could do with a cucumber, some baby oil and a full pack of condoms?” I think because it implies that the cucumber is getting used so much you’ll need to change the condom on it at some point.

Obviously, Tupac didn’t intend this message for our eyes, but hopefully it reached its recipient and they were able to answer all these big Qs together. It’s funny to think that celebrities these days conduct all their letter writing via DMs and emojis. It almost makes him seem romantically quaint. He signs off asking, “Ever been f*cked by me?” Then writes, “Until the end of time.”

Aw. Sweet.

[Photo: Getty, TMZ]

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