Turns Out Blac Chyna Was Arrested For Ecstasy Possession

Yet, she was still acting mad at arresting officers? What happened to the warm and fuzzies? 

By Eric Shorey

Get on your glowsticks, goggles, and fuzzy boots: Blac Chyna is feeling those rave kid vibes after the official report of her arrest was released to the public. While details on what exactly last week's arrest had been for were fuzzy, the official documents suggest that Chyna was caught feelin' those PLUR vibes with a few healthy doses of ecstasy in her possession. Wait a second, who even does E anymore? Aren't we all about Molly now?

Anyway, Jezebel is reporting that Chyna (AKA Amber Renee White) "was taken into police custody after she was booted from a British Airways flight and retreated to an airport bar where she demanded to be served."

Us Weekly had an even more specific account directly from the affidavit: “White’s behavior was unpredictable, going from extremely angry, cursing at everyone then to crying ... White was being verbally aggressive to the bartender at Saxon Pub whom she claimed would not serve her the amount of alcohol that she requested."

An officer on the scene added the following to the colorful account: "White demanded that I tie her shoes before she walked to my patrol car ... White was not cooperative and may have left the airport on her own occurrence and may have been a danger to herself and/or harmed another.”

OK, cool, celebrities are entitled, we know that.

The real fun part though? Police found two tablets of ecastasy in her purse and charged her with felony possession. Bail was posted at $8,000 and was, as we already know, paid by kitty girl's new boo Rob Kardashian.

The 90s really are back.

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