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Twitter Thinks They've Found Proof That Melania Trump Has A Secret Body Double

People are losing it over a video that supposedly shows "fake Melania" appearing in public with her husband.

Will the real Melania Trump please stand up?

We've heard some wild theories before, but this one just might take the cake. Donald Trump spoke with reporters on Friday with Melania by his side, and while at first glance, video footage of the brief interview may not seem that unusual, there are some who are convinced that the woman standing by Trump's side isn't actually the real Melania.

Earlier this week, Joe Vargas on Twitter made quite a surprising claim, arguing that the footage serves as proof that Melania has a body double. His proof? See below.

News of Melania's body double spread like wildfire, and internet detectives couldn't wait to get on the case.


Eventually someone posted proof that Melania hasn't been replaced by a body double, but it was a fun conspiracy theory while it lasted.

[Photo: Twitter]

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