2 Women Facing Sexual Abuse Charges For Twerking On A Stranger

When twerking goes wrong.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Twerking may seem like harmless fun, but if you're dancing up on people against their will, you just might find yourself catching a case.

Two unidentified women are now facing third degree sexual abuse charges for twerking on a stranger. The incident took place on Oct. 7 in a gas station convenience store. The police have released security camera footage in the hopes that the public can help identify the wanted women.

In the video, two young women can be seen harassing a man in the checkout line. They grab at him repeatedly, invading his personal space even as he continues to push them away. At one point one of the young women backs into him and twerks against him.

It's a strange encounter, and some speculate that the women in question were inebriated. Either way, it just goes to show: think before you twerk. Check out the creepy/weird footage below.

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