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Tyga Fell Sick While Testifying In Court...After They Mentioned Kylie's Name

Talk about convenience.

Tyga’s been in some money trouble for awhile, owing past-due collections all over the place—for cars, back rent, jewelry, etc. All the people who extended him credit are regretting it right now and trying to call it in via the courts. There’s even been an arrest warrant out for him at one time.

On Tuesday, he finally showed up to be interviewed about the cash he owes Jason of Beverly Hills. TMZ reports that everything was going fine: he was answering questions about his finances calmly as they tried to figure out if he could afford to pay Jason the $200k he owes. Then Kylie Jenner came up.

It’s no secret that Tyga and Kylie give each other lots of gifts, they're constantly posting about it on social media. And because of it, Kylie is also up for questioning and was even threatened with an arrest of her own. If he’d just given her one less car, these bills may have already been paid...unless he didn't actually pay for them. The questioning is to determine this answer.

However, as soon as his girlfriend’s name came up, Tyga reportedly began to get very ill, confused, and allegedly experience memory loss. He told the lawyer he couldn’t continue, and the hearing was rescheduled for November 1, the same day Kylie is scheduled for an interview. So we don't yet know if he's blowing money, or if Kylie is lying about who foots the bills.

Do you think he was faking it to avoid embarrassment? Or maybe Kylie’s name actually does just make him sick...

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