Tyga Is Being Called Out For Abandoning His Pet Tiger

The animal sanctuary that takes care of his former pet is asking him to pay up.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

So remember how Tyga had a pet tiger a couple years ago? But then authorities found out that he was illegally in possession of an exotic animal, so it was taken away from him and given to an animal sanctuary?

Well TMZ reports that Lions, Tigers & Bears - the non-profit rescue center that takes care of the tiger - is calling Tyga out. According to the organization, the rapper has not made any effort to help out with his care.

It costs over $10k a year just to feed the 500lb animal, Bobbi Brink - org founder and director - told TMZ. That's not even factoring in vet costs, flea control, and other day-to-day expenses. The organization relies on public donations to stay up and running, so Tyga's help would certainly be appreciated, but according to TMZ's sources, he hasn't even thanked the facility for taking in his former pet.

Not cool, Tyga.


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