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Tyga Just Lost $65,000 Because He Didn't Show Up To Court

Just a drop in the bucket...

Today’s (not so) breaking news: Tyga has money problems.

We should all stand in awe of the depth, breadth, and scope of Tyga’s irresponsibility with his cash flow and obligations. It’s honestly incredible that he manages to get in trouble with so many people. It’s like when you avoid going to the dentist and have a million cavities, except the cavities are creditors. He’s had his cars repossessed, he owes money at jewelry stores, and in back rent. Now he owes money at the club.

Las Vegas promoter Z Entertainment sued Tyga for $65,000, TMZ reports, and a judge awarded them the money when Tyga didn’t even show up in court to protest the suit. Better than showing up just to get sick in the middle of a deposition, I guess.

The charges? Tyga signed an agreement to perform at a club in 2015 and part of the deal was that he would not perform at competing clubs in the same timeframe. He did. He also didn’t show at all to at least one scheduled performance.

Whether or not Z Entertainment will get their money remains to be seen. Lots of people are standing in line ahead of them.

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