Tyga Might Be Trying To Ruin Blac Chyna's Life Behind The Scenes

Sources say Tyga's blessings to Rob and Chyna were far from sincere. 

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Tyga recently showed his support for Blac Chyna via Twitter, but is he only pretending to be happy that his ex is engaged? According to TMZ, the answer is yes.

A source close to the future Mrs. Kardashian told TMZ that Tyga is only pretending to be happy for his ex and that he's actually out to ruin her life. Not only is he refusing to speak to Chyna, choosing instead to communicate only through email and their shared nanny, but he won't even give her his new phone number. He's also allegedly hoping to drive a wedge between his ex and their son, 3 year old King Cairo, and wants to take custody away from Blac Chyna. He's already filed the paperwork with the courts, and he wants to battle it out until the bitter end.

As if that weren't bad enough, the source claims that Tyga and his friends are determined to drag Chyna's reputation through the mud, repeatedly calling her a "drunk whore," "deadbeat mama," and "nasty b*tch" to anyone who will listen.

For the sake of the child involved in this situation, let's hope this is all just hearsay.

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