Tyga Ordered To Pay $186K To Former Landlord After Seriously Damaging Property

A judge ordered the rapper to pay up after leaving behind "hazardous environmental waste."

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

It looks like Tyga is in legal trouble again. The rapper just got hit with a seriously huge bill from a former landlord, this one to the tune of $186K.

So remember back in March when the property owners of the L.A. home he used to run his side hustle, Egypt Last Kings Clothing, claimed he left the property in an unforgivable state? According to legal docs obtained by People magazine, Tyga and his team "abandoned the premises without notice" in June of last year, and left behind a huge mess for F&S Investment Properties to deal with, including unpaid utility bills and "hazardous environmental waste that required a professional clean-up." That hazardous environmental waste was reportedly ink that his team had poured down the drain, FYI.

Well, the company brought legal action against Tyga, and a judge ruled in their favor just last week, ordering Tyga to pay the company $186,275.89 in damages. Hopefully, he pays it instead of running off to the Bahamas like he did the last time his past caught up with him.

And next time? Just hire a housekeeper. That shouldn't be too hard, considering that he has enough money to store stacks of cash in his fish tank. Do better, boo!

[Photo: Getty Images]


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