Tyga Reveals How He Deals With The Messiness Of His Family Situation

He left his fiance for her friend's sister, and now his son's mother is marrying his girlfriend's brother.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

It must be so hard to be Tyga. His life is so complicated, isn't it? What with his ex Blac Chyna getting engaged to his girlfriend's brother Robert and them having a baby together, and all of that.

During an interview with Hollywood Today Live yesterday, Tyga shared his secret to avoiding drama within their tangled family.

"I try not to judge people," Tyga said, adding that he grew up in a single parent home. "My main focus and goal is just to make sure that my son has the best upbringing. I feel like once you're an adult, people make their own decisions and sometimes you can't put your faith in people 'cause you'll always be let down, so I just stay focused and really stay concerned about him."

I mean, is it just me, or does that sound just a little, tiny bit shady? I'd also like to point out that, considering that all of the complications in his life stem from his own shady actions (specifically, wooing the underage little sister of your fiance's/son's mother's friend), it's only right that he be the last person to judge anyone else. But that's just me being petty.

Watch below.


[Photo: Getty Images]


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