Tyga/Blac Chyna Feud Intensifies With Snarky Instagram Posts

Will this ever end?

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Just in case you were wondering: the Tyga/Kylie Jenner/Blac Chyna/Amber Rose feud was reignited over the weekend.


By now, everyone's heard about Tyga gifting Kylie with a Ferrari for her 18th birthday, and the resulting claims that the $320,000 car was only leased, and not paid for in full (the horror!).


Apparently, Tyga's had enough of all that talk,  and did what a lot of rappers have started to do when they get angry: he hopped on social media. Three days ago, he posted the following selfie on Instagram, with the caption "When the hating don't work they start telling lies. #WhereYoFerarriTho?"

At first glance, Tyga's post may not have looked like a dig at Blac Chyna until you consider what happened next: Amber Rose jumped in, apparently to her BFF's defense, posting a picture of her own pink Ferrari on Insta with the caption "She don't need a Ferrari, she can drive mine #BFFGoals." 

A photo posted by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on

Tyga clapped back, posting another photo on Insta, this one of a closeup of the front of his Bentley, adding "We drive our own whips peanut head."

And yesterday, Blac Chyna posted a video of herself on her Instagram account, lip-synching Drake's "Back to Back," specifically the line where Drake warns Nicki Minaj to get Meek Mill to sign a prenup. Ouch. Nothing subtle about that.

Things have settled down for now, but considering the long history these people have of taking digs at each other, chances are things won't stay quiet for long. Can there ever really be a winner in this feud though? We're tempted to say Blac Chyna, but at the end of the day, she still shares a son with a man who left her to basically groom his own child bride, so that's gotta suck. 

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