Tyga's Jeweler Says He Stiffed Him For $200,000

Are these jewels worth a day in court? 

By Jazzi Johnson

Tyga may have flaunted just a little too much. First, it was Kylie's expensive new birthday car and then it was his lavish multi-million dollar trip to the Bahamas and Turks & Caicos with his honey dip— and now his balling ways are backfiring, big time.

After the $200k Mayback Tyga bought Kylie for her birthday went viral, his past landlord who got fired up about the $480,000 Tyga owed him. After failing to show in court (due to being stuck in a $35 million home in Turks & Caicos), he found himself with an arrest warrant. Finally back in town, he's settled his dues, but his woes are far from over.

Tyga's jeweler wants in now, too. According to TMZ, the famous jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills has taken the liberty of hiring the same exact lawyers that worked for Tyga's landlord. Jason says he was "stiffed" in 2013 for his $200,000 signature pantheon timepiece watch and a hefty gold and diamond chain necklance. He's since received a judgment for payment in court, but has still not seen one cent of it to this day. 

After seeing how diligent Tyga's landlord attorney's worked, he called them up, and is ready to collect aggressively. Danny Abir and Boris Treyzon apparently know how to get it done, so why not go with who's got the juice, right?

It looks like Tyga has some more 'splaining and paying to do.

[Photos: Getty Images, TMZ/JasonofBH.com]


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