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Ummm... Does Blac Chyna Have A New Boyfriend?

Or is this mystery man just a ploy for TV?

Who still thinks that Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are making it work? Not many people. Chyna keeps making appearances without Rob. He doesn’t even make it into her Instagram these days, though baby Dream does. Oh, and they’re also not living together.

Now there are rumors circulating that Chyna’s been seen on dates with a new guy, not wearing her famous engagement ring. US Magazine posted a photo of her out at a Japanese restaurant in West Hollywood on Friday with an unnamed man. And the red alert is that she was seen with the same guy at Estrella's MA Theater in Los Angeles during the Super Bowl.

It’s possible that they’re dating, but if so, it most likely has been going on awhile. I can’t imagine Blac Chyna going on a date with a brand new guy in a tracksuit and hat, you know? We know this woman loves to get dressed up and she looks incredible when she does it. She still looks cute in sweats, but that’s an outfit for when you’re very comfortable with someone.

Maybe this is all more drama to drive up the ratings for Season 2 of Blac & Chyna. Or maybe Blac Chyna has finally escaped that crazy family.

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