Vagina Beer Is A Real Thing. WTF??

It's beer brewed using bacteria from a woman's vagina. Try not to barf.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Did you know that you can technically brew beer using bacteria from a woman's vagina?

Well, you can (unless this is an elaborate April Fool's prank) - it's totally safe, and one IndieGogo campaign wants your help to make their vagina beer available to the masses.

A polish company known as the Order of Yoni ("yoni" being Sanskrit for "vagina") is currently raising funds for "Bottled Instinct," a brand of beer that's brewed using vaginal lactic acid bacteria. According to their website, adding the vaginal lactic acid to the beer transfers the woman's "features, allure, grace, glamour, and instincts" to the beverage, so that each sip is like having a rendezvous with the "hot woman of your dreams."

That's right - the woman of your dreams. Rest assured that the vaginal bacteria used to brew "Bottled Instinct" isn't from some regular, average woman: it comes from a model, because, according to the company, the woman selected personifies "femininity, natural charm and lure," and possesses "all of the instincts which [they] wanted to frame" in their product.

Since launching their campaign last week, the Order of Yoni has only raised 279 euros of their 150,000 euro goal.

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