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Victoria's Secret Apologized For Kicking Black Women Out Of A Store

Victoria's Secret went viral for racially profiling black customers.

Victoria's Secret has apologized to a black woman who was racially profiled in an Alabama store. Kimberly Houzah said that she witnessed one black woman being accused of shoplifting at the lingerie store in Quintard Mall, and then she was asked to leave too.

Houzah shared her experience in an 11-minute video per NewsweekThe video has been seen by over 875,000 people. "Me and the other black female here all have to be put out," she says. "She didn't check my bag or accuse me of stealing...I don't understand what's the problem." She says that “not everyone is racist” but she does feel as if she was profiled because of her race.

The company has responded on Facebook and fired the salesperson behind the profiling. "The store associate involved in this matter is no longer employed with the company," said the company. "Victoria's Secret is adamant that all customers, regardless of race, be treated with dignity and respect at all times.”

Here's the company's statement:


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