Viral Neo-Nazi Who Was Punched On Camera Actually Got Punched Twice

Meanwhile, the internet debates the ethics of punching Nazis.

We all loved it when notable nazi Richard Spencer got punched in the face on inaugruation night. In general, the news since then hasn't been great, but those who enjoyed Round 1 will be thrilled to hear: Richard Spencer was actually punched twice.

It's not entirely clear where the second images of Spencer getting clobbered by a different unknown hero came from, nor who took it, or even when it happened.

The FADER concludes the incident actually occurred shortly after (or perhaps slightly before) the first now-famous punch, noting that he is clearly wearing the same outfit and notorious Pepe The Frog pin. But the signs being held in the background indicate that he was somewhere different at that moment. The Independent had originally reported that Spencer had been punched twice in a row and that the viral video only really caught one of the flying fists, with these images emerging later. This would make sense: in the since-remixed video Spencer is already complaining about the behavior of protestors, indicating that they are too violent (something he would likely conclude if he had already been punched that day). 

Reactions to the spread of Richard Spence memes have been mixed. Vice, for example, consulted with an ethicist who claimed that it was a moral wrong to punch nazis. Other sites have thanked an anarchist collective called The Black Bloc for the forceful intervention. Either way, these continue to be both hilarious and heartwarming to many:

Since the new images have appeared, Twitter users have been carrying, as evident from this collection of tweets by The FADER:

Interestingly: many people are continuing to pass around the new images as if they indicate that Spencer had been punched at another event entirely. As the story spreads, let's try and stick to the facts and avoid accusations of #FAKENEWS.

Violence may be objectionable (or something) but there is no morality left in our collective dystopian nightmare anyway.

[Photo: Twitter]

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