Vivica A. Fox Claims She'll Always Love 50 Cent On Wendy Williams

Also: can someone give these two their own show?

Plenty of speculation about the relationship between 50 Cent and Vivica A. Fox has been made over the years, and the two have been notoriously beefing oh-so pettily on social media ever since. Now, in an interview with Wendy Williams, Fox opens up about her undying love for everyone's favorite totally-not-bankrupt rapper.

First of all: someone give these two a talk show together cause their dialogue is everything.

Second of all: Vivica A. Fox's new show, Black Magic, sounds great.

Third of all: Wendy managed to bring up the big Q on everyone's mind. What's the deal with her and Fitty?

"I will always have love for him. He was literally like, my one true love. I hated to have to beef with him. But I don't let nobody mess with me," said Fox.

"We're not meant to be together," she said through some light tears.

Fourth of all: people on social media are now popping off at Fox for describing the hunky men on her new show as "the help." Sure, whatever.

Anyway, get your life Vivica.

[Photo: Screenshot via YouTube]

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