Vogue Said Cleavage Is "Over" And Everyone Freaked Out

Because, what?!

Vogue is considered the fashion authority but this season's trend has everyone freaking out. The publication ran a controversial story yesterday called "Whatever Happened To The Cleavage?" and basically said the days of cleavage are dead and gone. 

Huh? How is that even physically possible?

Writer Kathleen Baird-Murray notes the trend of high necklines and lack of plunging clothing as her basis for the cleavage crisis. "The tits will not be out for the lads. Or for anyone else, for that matter,” she writes.

This sounds demeaning and sexist and it's not just us. Social media has been in a tizzy over the story. "Well Vogue, I'm afraid I'm rather stuck with my cleavage. Tragically I won't be on point this season," tweeted one woman sarcastically. 

"I will rock out with my tits out until my dying breath. You can suffocate in the depths of my cleavage, Vogue," said another.

One woman pointed out that fashion is a personal choice— don't let anyone, even Vogue, body-shame you.

Given the fact that cleavage is simply the division between women's breasts, if women still have breasts - and most of us do, no matter the size - how exacly is this "trend" fading away? Really strange. Love your body, love your breasts; cleavage forever!

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