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Waka Flocka Flame Explains Why He Doesn't Identify As Black (Video)

"I'm uneducated, I'm confused, but I'm d*mn sure not black. You're not gonna call me black."

Waka Flocka Flame is not backing down.

Vibe reports that the rapper caused quite a stir when, during an interview with Sway in the Morning, he announced that he doesn't identify as black.

"I'm not African American at all. My folks are not from Africa," he said.

Waka then explained that, after talking with his grandmother, he learned that his parents are "100% Indian," and that his family's racial identity includes "Cherokee and European, Italian and a little bit of Dominican."

Waka did admit that he doesn't know everything, saying, "I'm uneducated, I'm confused, but I'm d*mn sure not black. You're not gonna call me black. My grandmother's not Crayola. I'm connected to a tribe, not a country. There's a big difference."

Check it out below, starting at the 5-minute mark.

Naturally, while some agreed with Waka's take, the social media backlash was swift.

But Waka isn't taking back anything he said — if anything, he's digging in his heels. He recently addressed the drama in an Instagram video, XXL reports.

"Man, I be seeing y'all going crazy over the sh*t I was saying on Sway. N*ggas be like, 'Yo, Waka said he not black,'" he began.

"You right. I'm not the black America call me," he continued. "It's just hard for a n*gga to be from the slums, the ghetto, the hood, whatever n*ggas want to say we from. And you become this celebrity, you get to walk around the world. You get to travel around the world. You get to touch the people and you get to find out the truth."

Waka continued on in a lengthy caption, writing at one point, "I talk from experience. I been around the [world] and my community ain't the only ones struggling we just the focus. I stand on my words IM NOT BLACK."

Take a look at Waka's response below.

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