Want To Go Makeup-Free Like Celebrities? It's Going To Cost You

Fillers, lasers and more: the no-makeup look takes real effort!

Everyone is daring to go bare. Alicia Keys has been telling everyone about her barefaced, no-makeup look and even Kim Kardashian ditched her usual full beat for a nude face at Paris Fashion Week. But going makeup-free isn't just about good genetics. One dermatologist tells Harpers Bazaar that celebrities are flocking to tons of expensive beauty procedures to get that "effortlessly" flawless face.

One of the best parts about makeup is covering up imperfections like dark spots. Dr. Howard Sobel says that the Clear + Brilliant laser can help make skin a little more even by removing pigmentation and increasing collagen production. At $400 to $650 per session, it's going to cost you. 

Acne can also be battled with something like the Cutera excel-V laser. "It’s a laser specific for red spots, post-inflammatory pigmentation, and broken capillaries," says Sobel. "I even use it after Botox. If they happen to get a little bruise, you can use the laser to get rid of it." 

Lasers won't help much for raccoon eyes. Dark circles can be reduced with a thin hyaluronic acid filler like Belotero. "In five minutes you can make someone look as if they had a really good night’s sleep," he says. The price for getting rid of dark circles is $500 to $1,500 which is way more than even the best concealer.

Here's one dark circle procedure from Dr. Simon Ourian, the Kardashian family's favorite doctor, in action:

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