Was K. Michelle Throwing Shade At Beyonce On Instagram?

Was she being petty or was she misunderstood?

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Everyone is talking about Beyonce's pregnancy announcement this week. Several celebrities have given their love but K. Michelle's shout-out has some fans shaking their heads. The singer took to Instagram to congratulate Beyonce and then decided to make it all about herself.

"Yesss! The season on the multiples! I can wait to hit this doctor next month!!!!! Congrats," she captioned a photo. "I know it's an awesome feeling *i said can't wait to see the doctor next month, not i'm pregnant. Not yet guys, I need to see a doctor 1st right. Slow down gym shoes*

As Bossip notes, some found the post in poor taste. "How she gonna Beyonce picture to announce her invisible plan to pregnancy," commented one fan. "Shady lol," added another. 

K. Michelle has been open about her desire to get married and have children-- twins, to be exact. Knowing this, K's fans came to her defense. "Got to word it better lol," said one. "People are so petty!"

Petty or just a misunderstanding? 

[Photo: Getty Images]

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