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Was Mariah Carey Dumped Because Her Fiancé Was Jealous Of A Lapdance?

Mariah's fiancee had her choreographer BANNED from his Caeser's Palace because he was jealous.

Mariah Carey’s relationship with billionaire James Packer ended recently, and of course there are all sorts of rumors about who broke up with who and why. Page Six says it was over Mariah’s spending habits, which seems weird because she’s rich and he’s a billionaire. But sometimes rich people are strangely miserly, so it’s possible. People says Mariah broke it off with Packer because he is erratic and has behavioral issues (though the same can probably be said of her). If that’s true, it fits in with this latest piece of gossip. According to TMZ, Packer was jealous of Mariah’s choreographer, Bryan Tanaka.


Apparently, way back in June, Tanaka came to one of Mariah Carey's shows even though he wasn't dancing in it (he had sustained an injury). Packer supposedly dragged him away, demanding to know why he'd showed up to work. Then, Packer used his casino ties to get Tanaka banned from Caesar's Palace, where Mariah performs. He even circulated his photo among security. It's possible that all of this was inspired by Mariah giving Tanaka a lap dance, which she frequently does at her show with different lucky guys.

Maybe that's too much if you have a jealous nature, but get over it! Your fiancé goes home with you at night, to your mansion. Let the woman dance. You can't hold a butterfly too tightly.

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