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Was Taraji P. Henson's Recent Instagram Clapback Kinda Racist?

She fired back at a troll, but were her choice of words in bad taste?

Taraji P. Henson is the latest celeb to clap back at an Instagram troll, but did she go a little too far in her retaliation?

While visiting South Africa, Taraji posted a photo onto her Instagram, uplifting black women and sharing her admiration for the African continent.


One user, "damienglopez," took offense to her post, writing "All women are beautiful, not just black women. Empower beauty in all women, not just your race," and finished off by calling her a "black racist."

So Taraji clapped back - hard.

"#ShutUpDora and go somewhere and be proud of who YOU are. What does celebrating MY BLACK beauty have to do with being a racist? You are ignorant and clueless," she began.

Read her full response below, courtesy of The Shade Room.


I get that she was using a line from Empire, but I'd argue that using "Dora" as an insult was a questionable choice, whether used on TV or on Instagram. She was absolutely right in calling out this fool, but come on - let's leave race out of the insults and clapbacks.

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