Watch Adele Attempt To Twerk At A Live Show

She ain't no Big Freedia.

By Eric Shorey

The history of twerking is rife with complexities. While scholars and internet writers alike have battled over the semiotics of cultural appropriation pertaining to the dance form, celebrities of all colors, shapes, and sizes have continued making their asses bounce in front of adoring fans. The latest (perhaps a little too late) contributor to the never-ending twerking craze (please let it never end) is Adele. In a video caught by Kyle Edwards, her attempted booty clap went down at a live show in London:

"I think I just twerked!" proclaims the award winning songstress. "I can't do it that well," she admits quite accurately after.

Actually, maybe she's not horrible at it. But Big Freedia, she ain't!

Despite herself, Adele's soulful croonings are often quite easily remixed into wiggle-ready dance jams. Check out this Jersey Club remix of "Hello" for proof:

For the real history of the art of twerking, watch our video below!

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