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Watch Blac Chyna Awkwardly Hug And Make Small Talk With Tyga And Kylie (Video)

The couples ran into each other at Khloe's birthday party and you can almost feel the discomfort.

You know what's really awkward? When you run into your ex with his new girl, when his new girl is your fiance's little sister (who wasn't even of legal age when they started dating). You know what I mean? Wait, you probably don't, because not many people have relationships as complicated and messy as Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Tyga.

In this Sunday's episode of Rob & Chyna, the future Mrs. Kardashian had a super awkward moment when she ran into Tyga and Kylie at Dave & Buster's. Both couples were attending Khloe's birthday party, and honestly, the run-in is just as uncomfortable as you'd expect. If you can handle the second-hand embarrassment, check out the clip below to see the stilted conversations and extremely tense-looking hugs.

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