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Watch Blac Chyna Introduce Tyga's Son To Rob Kardashian's

There's some real babies involved in all this.

It’s been so fun to watch Blac Chyna infiltrate the Kardashians, especially as Tyga is being pushed in and out of Kylie Jenner’s life. Or pushed out, clawed himself back in. It’s easy to forget the innocent people in this drama. Tyga and Blac Chyna have an adorable son, who will be half-brother to her baby with Rob Kardashian. That’s some heavy stuff for a 3-year-old, but King Cairo is being introduced to his life as a sibling carefully.

Blac Chyna posted a video to Instagram of her adorable son gently touching his mom’s prominent baby bump. It’s a sweet reminder that behind the tabloid antics is a real family:


King Cairo will one day be the head of a TV dynasty, probably, if North West doesn’t knock him out of the way first. Lessons in tenderness are probably needed regularly. It seems like the Kardashians in general have decided to make peace:


Is this is a new era? For the sake of entertainment, I hope not. And for the sake of the pocketbooks of everyone involved—almost certainly not.

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