Watch Blac Chyna's Friend Go Off On The Paparazzi In Her Defense (Video)

After paps began to hound them at Taco Bell, Chyna's friend let them have it.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Don't mess with Blac Chyna, because if you do, you just might have to deal with her friends.

During a recent trip to Taco Bell, Chyna was accosted by paparazzi. The photogs started hounding her about her relationship with Rob, saying things like "Did you break up with Rob? Is that why you're so mad?"

It's a pretty blatant effort to stir the s*it and make Chyna flip out so they capture it on film, but it's Chyna's friend who ends up popping off at the photogs.

"Stop being so f*cking rude," she says after getting out of the car. She even throws water at them but the photographers continue to hound Chyna and laugh about it; in short, they're huge jerks, and it's impossible to watch this video without wishing the water had hit them all in the face.


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