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Watch Chris Brown Confess His Love For Jennifer Lopez (Video)

"I like you and I want you."

Here's something that Blac Chyna and Chris Brown have in common: both of them have major love for Jennifer Lopez.

Chyna gave J.Lo a shout-out on Instagram earlier this year, and Chris is a fan too — to say the least.

In an interview with Power 105.1 this week, Brown made it clear that Lopez is his #WCW, explaining that he got a little "excited" when filming a new music video with her recently.

"J.Lo bad man," he said, then addressed the actress/singer directly, saying, "Hey look, I might have stiffened up a little bit back when I was at the little show. There was a lot of people back there and I was nervous. My palms were sweaty. I said hi. But I like you and I want you."

And as for the age difference? Brown is 28 while Lopez is 48, but age ain't nothing but a number.

"She can get it any time," he said, adding, "Seventy years old. I don't even care. All the way."

Can you blame him though? Jennifer Lopez is #Goals. Check out Brown's message for her below.

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