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Watch Fifth Harmony's Normani Fall On Stage And Then Cover It Like A Total Boss

Normani just reached a whole new level of flawlessness.

Pay attention, kids: this is how you win at life.

In a newly resurfaced clip, Fifth Harmony's Normani Kordei can be seen performing with her group in Brazil, strutting across the stage in thigh-high boots and basically slaying everyone's entire existence. Everything's going great until, without warning, she slips and falls. Here's the plot twist, though: instead of just awkwardly scrambling to get back up and pretending it never happened, Normani somehow manages to turn her misstep into a fierce AF dance move and incorporate her fall into the performance.

Honestly, Beyonce would be proud. Take a look at Normani's epic moment (and her Twitter response) below.

A fan recorded the magical moment back when it happened in May, but the clip resurfaced on social media this week, with the general consensus being that we all basically need to get on Normani's level. And honestly? We do. Normani looks better falling than most of us look doing, well, anything.

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