Watch Japan's "Gluttonous Beauty" Eat 150 Chicken McNuggets

How's this for lunch?

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

There's something addictive about McDonald's McNuggets and the five-piece that never seems like quite enough. One Japanese competitive eater has taken her love of the crispy chicken nuggets to crazy heights by scarfing down 150 of them.

Yuka Kinoshita (known as "gluttonous beautiful") makes light work of the chicken nuggets. “In one box there are 15 nuggets,” she says, holding up a special 15-piece package being offered in Japan. “This makes me so happy. Usually it’s only 5 pieces!” She then proceeds to inhale them like it's no big deal.

Food Beast notes that she dips her nuggets in sauces we don't have in America like Curry Fruit and Creamy Cheese. 

According to First We Feast, Yuka is a big deal in the competitive eating scene in Japan. She has nearly half a billion views on her YouTube videos in which she stuffs her face with a variety of foods including yakitori, fried chicken and hamburgers.

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