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Watch Kylie Shoot A Glock To Celebrate Tyga's Birthday

This birthday never seems to end. And now, there are guns involved.

It kinda feels like Kylie Jenner and Tyga have been celebrating Tyga’s birthday forever at this point. There was the family celebration, the NSFW celebration, and now the gun shooting celebration. A trifecta of partying! When you’re as rich as these two—I’m sorry when you’re as rich as Kylie is and dating someone as rich as Kylie is—you got time to plan parties.

According to TMZ, Kylie decided to take Tyga to a shooting range so he could blast some holes in stuff to mark his 27th year. Kylie herself fired off a Glock 17 and MP5K. Tyga went for a .50 caliber Desert Eagle and an M16.


These two crazy kids and their contained destruction. They also went on a ride in a contraption called “the world’s biggest Monster Truck.”


It’s not a birthday without a crazy car getting involved!

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