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Watch Michelle Williams Prank A Crowd Full Of Beyonce Fans (Video)

She got 'em good.

Michelle Williams has quite the sense of humor.

During a recent visit to Liberty University, the former Destiny's Child member pulled a prank on the Beyonce fans in the audience, E! News reports.

When students began requesting that Michelle call Beyonce, she jokingly berated them for being "shady" before making the call, only to get sent to voicemail.

"Hey, it's B. Leave a message," said the voice on the recording. Check it out below starting at around the 19-minute mark.

Don't get too excited about getting to hear Beyonce's voicemail, though — Michelle revealed on Twitter that the whole thing was actually just a joke.

"It was a prank goofballs!!" she wrote. "No real numbers were used…..the voice on the voicemail is a young Lady from the university! *slaps knee*"

She added that the prank wasn't her idea, writing, "Not my idea actually. I agreed to do it before the service started! A Lady named Katie let us use her number and she created a 'voicemail!'"

Good one, Michelle. Check out her tweets below.

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