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Watch Patti LaBelle Trash Talk Her Cooking Show Guests When They Aren't Around

Miss Patti is too much.

If you haven't been watching Patti LaBelle's new cooking show, you've been missing out. Patti LaBelle's Place debuted over the weekend, and while it follows a pretty standard cooking-with-celeb-guests format, what really makes the show stand out are LaBelle's confessional scenes, which would probably fit better in an episode of The Real Housewives of Somewhere-or-Another than on a cooking show.

When she's actually with her guests, Patti is the wise and gentle — if a little sassy — teacher, but once they're out of ear shot and it's just her and the camera, she lets the audience know how she really feels about Naturi Naughton's weak asparagus cutting skills and 50 Cent dropping her corn on the floor.

It's all in good fun, though. Check out a supercut of some of Patti's best moments over at The Muse.

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