Watch Police Drag Woman Out Of Bathroom Because They Think She's A Man

This is what those new bathroom laws look like in action.

By Eric Shorey

Gender is really complicated. Sometimes ladies look like men, and that's cool. Sometimes men look like ladies, that's cool. Sometimes people live in between genders; that's also cool.

Way less cool: these policemen caught on camera kicking a lesbian woman out of a ladies room because they do not believe she is a woman.

Originally uploaded to Facebook on April 19, 2016 by blogger Tamara McDaniel, the video quickly went viral, gaining over 2 million views and 40 thousand shares.

Few details about the actual video are known. The woman being forcibly removed and her friends remain unidentified, nor has it been determined where in America the footage was shot. With the terrifying and heinous news of various states and cities passing restrictive bathroom regulations targeting transgender individuals, the video remains a prescient reminder of what conservatives are actually advocating.

Do we really want to live in a country where it's up to policemen to decide our gender for us?

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