Watch Rob Kardashian Discipline Blac Chyna And Tyga's Son For Cursing Up A Storm

Is it too early for King to receive life lessons from a soon-to-be stepdad?

By Jazzi Johnson

Blac Chyna was hesitant to post the video she found of her son King playing hide-and-seek with his future step-dad Rob because "the media would make it something it's not." Yet, she posted it, so now we can all play judge, jury, and executioner! 

In the video, King Cairo - the son she shares with her ex-fiancè Tyga - is playing around their bed, apparently looking for Rob. In the way that kids do, he yells (more than a few times) an expletive that no child should be saying. Rob then puts on his dad-hat and takes charge as an authoritative figure.

Chyna wrote that she decided to post it because "it's too funny." Her favorite part? "[W]hen Rob jumps out, look at his face. But overall I'm so happy & blessed to have Robert here willing to help teach King right from wrong."

Watch the video below.


King was rumored to be the center of a dispute between Blac Chyna and Tyga negotiations for the Rob & Chyna show. Poor kid isn't even 4 years old and he's got messiness all around him!

[Photo: Getty Images]


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