Watch The Fried Chicken Tutorial That's Outraging The Internet

What, you didn't know you could make fried chicken in the microwave?

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

There are some things you just shouldn't do with food. Beef shouldn't be made into popsicles, hamburgers shouldn't weigh 100 pounds, and for the love of all that is good, don't throw raw chicken into the microwave and call it fried chicken.

A tutorial posted by Cook of Dingo has the internet up in arms, mostly because their methods are insane and the outcome is pure madness. In the video, raw chicken is marinated in milk, then covered in a seasoned, floury coating. Doesn't sound outrageously gross, right? But then the video takes a turn for the worse: the cook places kabob sticks across a bowl to craft a makeshift grill, then places the chicken atop it. They then pop the dish into the microwave for 9 minutes, and uh, viola? Fried chicken?

Lord help us all. Watch the f*ckery below.

[Photo: Twitter]


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