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Watch This Pregnant Pole Dancer Slay Her Routine

Being 9 months pregnant can't and won't stop her from doing her thing.

Nothing's gonna stop this woman's dancing feet - not even being 9 months pregnant.

While some of us struggled to survive walking to the mailbox during our last trimester (and by "some of us," I mean "me"), 36 year-old Jill MacLean is taking the internet by storm with her pregnant pole dancing skills.

MacLean, who's also known as "Cleo the Hurricane," decided to dust off her eight-inch stilettos after struggling to feel sexy during her pregnancy.

"As much as I have enjoyed this journey, preparing for motherhood, watching my baby belly grow... I have been CRAVING and LOVING that feeling of putting on my heels, a sexy song and pole dancing... just to feel sexy again," the two-time Miss Pole Dance Australia winner wrote on her blog.

It may look dangerous, but MacLean is confident she's not going to take any spills.

"I would never put on a pair of seven or eight-inch heels if I wasn't completely comfortable and confident in them," she told People.

Check out the video that's got everyone talking below.

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