Watch Wendy Williams Laugh About Kim Kardashian Getting Robbed (Video)

She also calls Kim and her family "kind of soulless."

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Wendy Williams is at it again. Making controversial comments about current events is kind of her thing, and in the latest episode of The Wendy Williams Show, the talk show host sounded off on the hot topic of the week: the Kim Kardashian robbery.

In case you missed it, Kardashian was hanging out in Paris for fashion week when her hotel room was broken into it and she was robbed at gunpoint by two masked men. The suspects bound her hands and feet with tape and threw her into the bathtub before making away with millions worth of jewelry.

It sounds like a pretty traumatizing experience, but that didn't stop Wendy Williams from getting a few giggles out of it on her show, Bossip reports. As she begins announcing the topic to her audience, she starts snickering so much that she can't even get the words out.

"I'm not laughing about her being robbed, you know what I'm laughing at?" Wendy explains. "Because there's certain top stories that don't matter to the world but they matter to us."

But then as she begins describing that Kim was tied up with tape put over her mouth, the audience begins to laugh again. Shady or nah? Not only that, but Wendy later pointed out that it might not even be real.

"I would hope that she's not making any part of this up for dramatic effect," Wendy says. "Because this family, you know, they're kind of soulless, so you can't believe everything that you hear, but this is very, very upsetting."

What do you think? Was Wendy being shady? Catch the video below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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