Watch Whoopi Goldberg Excitedly Advocate Her Weed Company For Menstrual Cramps

FYI: You can't smoke it 

By Jazzi Johnson

In addition to executive producing the anticipated reality show about transgender models breaking into the industry, Strut, Whoopi Goldberg also been busy expressing her love and adoration for cannabis.

Now, she's advocating her new cannabis line, Whoopi & Maya Medical Cannabis, for menstrual cramps—and it's pretty awesome.

While appearing on Late Show with Stephen Colbert, she explained why it's an underserved problem. "[B]ecause people think menstrual pain is fake, they always kind of downplay it."

"A lot of women who have never had it that bad [thinks it's fake, and] men who don't have it. This is how I got into it," Whoopi said. "Because [I said to] a friend of mine, 'Hey Snoop Dogg's doing this and Willy's doing this, is anybody doing this for menstrual cramps?' And he started laughing. He said 'No, no, no, it's a niche market.' And I said 'That's a niche market that's half the population on Earth. It's a big niche!'

"We wanted to make sure that women's productivity - which goes down two to three days a month when women get these bad cramps - we wanted to make sure that we could say to young women who are experiencing these cramps for the first time: there is an alternative that you may be able to use that helps," Goldberg explained. "We don't want to get you high, we just want to make you feel better."

And how does it make you feel better without getting you high? By rubbing it, not smoking it.

Watch Whoopi Goldberg detail her love for the pain-reducing plant, vaping, her dislike of marriage, and more below.

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