We Are Not As Brave As This Gay Latino Reporter At An Alt-Right Press Conference

"These people are legitimately racist."

By Eric Shorey

The alt-right's unique blend of militant xenophobia and post-internet aeshetics have scared plenty of feminists, activists, minorities, and other assorted left-leaners far away. But one brave reporter, Carlos Maza, managed to get into the gang's "super secretive first official press conference" — and lived to tell the tale. The story, of course, is particularly extraordinary considering that Maza is both gay and latino, making him a major target for the white supremacist gang.

“So the not surprising part of that was that these people are legitimately racist. They had this idea that there’s a white homeland or a white cultural identity that needs to be preserved. Specifically through, really really strict immigration and deportation laws. They also don’t love Jews," said Maza.

“They know the election coverage has given them an unprecedented opportunity to move from the fringe into the mainstream,” he continued. “These people are appearing on mainstream cable news networks that would never have booked them.”

Carlos manages to escape the convention without facing any kind of explicit harassment, but the vile things he heard were harrowing enough, I'm sure. Smartly, Maza scheduled a taco lunch in between speakers to keep himself sane.

Check out the video from Media Matters, below!

[Photo: Screenshot from YouTube]


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