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Stop Everything! Red Velvet Miniature Kit Kat Bars Are Coming!

They're already available for pre-order.

Rejoice, all red velvet lovers of the world! We already have cake, donuts, and even red velvet Oreo's, but Kit Kat has a special treat for us for (the dreaded) Valentine's Day: red velvet minis!

And no, you won't actually have to wait a whole two months.

You can pre-order them online...like, right now! And according to CandyHunting (who's selling the pre-order), Kit Kat is planning to roll out the delicious treats immediately after Christmas.


The sweet tooth nostalgia has been really real for 2016. If this is what 2017 has in store, sign me up.

[Photo: Kit Kat/Teen Vogue]

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