Wearing More Makeup Could Get You More Money At Work

New study shows the power of grooming (and sexism in the workplace).

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Asking your boss for a raise? Maybe you should buy a new lipstick first. According to a study from researchers at the University of Chicago and the University of California, employers are making money decisions based upon employee's beauty and grooming skills.

Researchers found that attractive people tend to earn higher salaries--which has been long said--but what's interesting is what makes people "attractive," per MakersWomen's attractiveness comes almost entirely from grooming and makeup, not "natural" beauty. In other words, a naturally attractive woman with a full beat, out-earns her naturally beautiful (but bare-faced) colleague. 

Makers breaks down the numbers: "For example, an unattractive but well-groomed woman makes an average median yearly salary of $37,000 — compared to an average-looking woman with average grooming habits, who earns $24,000 each year, and an attractive woman with poor grooming habits, who makes just about $22,000 each year."

So, investing in your appearance may be just as important as education or job training. Another sexist thing women have to worry about in the workplace.

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