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Welp, That's It: Selena Gomez Is "So Done" With Justin Bieber

Justin "exhausts" her, guys.

Say it again for those in the cheap seats, Selena.

Selena and Justin have been on-again/off-again since like the beginning of time, with romance rumors resurging last year after the two were spotted at a hotel restaurant and Justin serenaded her. Still, despite what you might think, Jelena is over - so over, as far as Selena's concerned.

"I'm so exhausted," she said in an interview with W magazine, who hailed the singer as "the most popular girl in America." "I honestly am so done. I care about his health and well-being. But I can't do it anymore."

Maybe it was Justin's Instagram-official fling with Hailey Baldwin that was the last straw on the camel's back? Who knows, but Selena seems pretty over it. She went on to talk about what it was like to have your relationship play out in the public eye; basically, it sucked.

"At first I didn't care. To me it was: I'm 18, I have a boyfriend, we look cute together, we like that. Then I got my heart broken and I cared. Because people had no idea what was going on, but everywhere it was a million different things," she said. "I was kind of in a corner, banging my head against the wall. I didn't know where to go."

And just in case you were wondering if she's still beefing with Miley Cyrus (remember when they both went out with Nick Jonas during their Disney Channel days?). She isn't.

"We never feuded," Gomez explained. "We both liked the same guy when we were 16. It was just a Hilary Duff/Lindsay Lohan thing: 'Oh, my God, we like the same boy!' We are now completely settled in our own lives."

Well, I'm glad that's settled.

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