Wendy Williams Apologizes To Kesha For Downplaying Her Alleged Rape

After criticizing Kesha for not filming her rape as proof that it happened, Wendy Williams is apologizing.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Weeks after victim-shaming Kesha during a taping of her talk show, Wendy Williams is changing her tune.

During a taping of her show earlier this year, Williams criticized Kesha for not filming the alleged abuse as proof. Her comments drew tons of backlash, and now the talk show host is going back on her harsh words.

"Kesha, I want to a.) apologize to you and b.) say 'You're a hell of a woman,'" Williams said to her audience during Monday's show. "Remember the day I was telling you about that story and I said, 'Well, there's two sides to every story' and you all were like 'Well, wait Wendy, when a woman says rape, you better believe it's rape.' Well, you know what, unfortunately a lot of people lie about rape so I was just being skeptical, that's what I do."

"I wasn't sure but I'm also woman enough to say 'Damn Kesha, I apologize,'" Wendy continued. "You're a hell of a woman. I don't think a lot of women could rise to the occasion the way you did Kesha, you keep going."

Implying that most rape allegations are lies is still pretty problematic - not to mention statistically false - but at least she's heading in the right direction. So what brought on the change of heart? Apparently it was Kesha's recent Instagram post, where she shared that Sony offered her freedom from her contract if she took back her accusations against Dr. Luke.

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