Wendy Williams Calls Blac Chyna The Kardashian "Mascot," Throws Hella Shade

The shade is unreal.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Wendy Williams: back at it again with the televised trash talk?

During The Wendy Williams Show yesterday, Wendy weighed in on Blac Chyna's pregnancy, and in true Wendy Williams fashion, threw a ridiculous amount of shade, Rolling Out reports.

After admitting that she is "happy for Blac," she added a few questionable comments as well. "You know, Blac went from being the family mascot to being the queen of the kingdom," Wendy said. "You know, there are only but a few places in Harvard for you to be accepted as a woman, so some people gotta Blac Chyna their situation. So as long as you're gonna do it, do it."

So we're trying to turn the name Blac Chyna into an insulting verb now? Unfortunately, Wendy wasn't finished.

"Rob [Kardashian's] child with Blac will be the only one to pass along the Kardashian name. The only thing better than her being pregnant is if she has a boy. And then the boy has a boy," Wendy continued.

I don't know what's worse: calling a woman a "mascot," or implying that male children inherently have more value than female children. But what do you think? Does Wendy's brand of gossip feel too un-feminist, or do you think it's all in good fun?

Catch the clip below (skip to 2:30 minutes in for the Blac Chyna commentary).

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