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Wendy Williams Came Out In A Halloween Costume And The Internet Is Body-Shaming Her


Wendy Williams is pretty horrible to everyone, which is honestly what makes her show compelling to watch. You can complain about Wendy Williams if you want, but you know you’re watching if you’re commenting. Her business is making people tune in, and she’s good at it. But that reputation for meanness has made a lot of people feel like it’s open season for messing with her.

On Halloween, Williams dressed up as a member of the Star Trek cast, and a screenshot of her walking out to greet the audience in it is being widely circulated. It’s a weird angle, and she looks weird in it, it’s true.

As one Twitter user points out, “So apparently on Twitter. Body shaming & misgendering is completely wrong.... Unless it's to Wendy Williams?”

Yep. If you know enough about Wendy Williams to hate her, find something else to criticize her about. Obviously, she has plenty of bad ideas to choose from.

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