Wendy Williams Destroyed Tyrese & His Criticism Of "Manufactured" Women Bodies

"This is the kind of stuff that causes divorce..."

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Tyrese has gotten a lot of criticism for his tirade against women's appearances over the years. It looks like he's still up to his old mentality. Earlier, the singer/actor took to social media to bash women who alter their appearances with things like plastic surgery and hair extensions— calling them a "manufactured clown." Wendy Williams, who has been very open about her surgical enhancements and love of wigs, took to her show to blast Tyrese.

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"It made me so damn mad," shared Wendy about her first reaction. "Tyrese, we've known each other for a long time but can I be honest with you?" she asks. Wendy goes on to say that Tyrese "hasn't been the same" since he wrote his book, How To Get Out Of Your Own Way, which basically lectures women. "He was real preachy. I don't like a man telling me what to do." 

Wendy goes on to say that, "I'm not listening to you, Tyrese! Are you serious?" She calls herself a "friend" of makeup and surgery. "Even if I was a natural woman...I don't like when men try to tell you how to take care of yourself." The television host then warns Tyrese that his new wife may want to enhance her appearance in 20 years. "This is the kind of stuff that causes divorce...Tyrese, stay out of women's closets, before we have to go in yours."

Watch the entire clip below, her message to Tyrese begins at the 11:00 mark:


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